Hi All,

My name is Maartje Delfsma, I am co founder and designer off the Molly Socks. As person I am really a scatterbrain but also very determin too make a hit off Molly Socks! I am also a mom of two jung daughters. As well as my daughters and my boyfriend have the last name; Mol. So that is how the name Molly Socks is found.

Since I was a little girl I was very intrested in textile and fashion. This started with making close for my dolls and because off the fasination with textile I succeed my education in Technical Commercial Textile. After my school I had a several job in textile industry. Now my oldest daughter is going to school I decide to jump in a new adventure and start with my own bussiness in socks. This idea came too me, when I was sourcing the internet for fun, colourfull hiking socks. But no result! After this I know what I had to do, develop fun and colourfull socks. For Skiing and Snowboarding and for the summertime hiking socks. I am a big fan off Bamboo textile, so therefore the socks are made off Bamboo. If you have not tryed bamboo socks before, please try you will never want too go back to something else. 

I hope you like my socks, so pick your favorit and order now!

If you have any questions our recommandations let me know.